Holding Hands [v0.35a] [Kirantiplayer]


The hero fills in as an essayist yet has been not able to create anything that he considers excellent and going through despondency as a result of it.
In the meantime, one of the lifelong companions that his sweetheart is welcome to remain in the house due to being removed.
What effect will this occasion have on the existence of the hero?
Will he track down an opponent for the love of his sweetheart?
Will he have the whole relationship obliterated?
Or on the other hand, will he track down another obsession?

The game will have 3 main routes and they will branch to sub-routes.
The main routes are: Netorare, Netorase, and Vanilla (Netorare is avoidable)
Avoiding netorare is easy as you only need to interrupt the events and stick to her whenever possible or Axel (The antagonist) will flirt with her.

Holding [LSHIFT] will allow you to skip text and move faster while on the map.
Press [LCTRL] to hide/show the text box

Important: To access the Recollection Room, start a new game or go into the system options on key items and select ” Fix black screen/delete stuck image” and you will receive the item to go there.

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Date: January 9, 2023

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