Infinity Love or Lust [R12] [CreaSou]


Vastness: Love or Desire – a tale about the connection between a dad (mc) and his little girl (Amy).
You need to play the job of a man (the fundamental person) who lives with his little girl for his entire life, invigorating all his and love for her protected living, to fulfill her.

Amy (girl) appreciates your anxiety and, presumably, she thinks of you to act as an illustration of a genuine man. Her affection and care toward you isn’t in uncertainty.
Every one of the 19 years, since the introduction of Amy, you have attempted to commit to her. And yet, you remembered that you ought to set an advancement at work up to give an agreeable and lighthearted life for your little family as two individuals.
Two or three months prior, you at long last got a lifelong advancement. In the wake of turning into an overseer of one of the significant showcasing organizations, you chose to move to the capital.
2 months of living in another city were remarkable. However, on one occasion you understood that something unnatural was going on in your daily existence.
Indeed getting up on Friday morning, you felt an overwhelming inclination of history repeating itself. It took you a few days to assemble current realities – you got into a period circle.
Each day you remember Friday. Having beaten the frenzy, you comprehend that you want to follow through with something.
Maybe you have been offered the chance to make Amy truly cheerful. Perhaps this is an opportunity to at long last open up to your feelings and conclude the amount you love your girl and what sort of future you need to see with her.

Best way to save game (avoiding bugs in future releases):

If you want your saves to work in the new versions, please save the game at night when the hero are asleep.

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How to find new scenes in R12.

1) Evening, bathroom (when mc in the bed with laptop). You have 3 options: “Wait for Amy.”; Watch online massage courses.”; “Check her in the bathroom.” (NEW).
Select “Check her in the bathroom.”. You need at least 60 Love or Lust.

2) At night, when mc and Amy are fallen asleep, daughter will touch your dick. You have 5 options: “Maybe I can ask her for some fun.” (NEW); “Try to move her away.”; “Wake her up.”; “Gently push her head.”; “Try to calm down and go to sleep.”.
Select “Maybe I can ask her for some fun.”. You need at least 150 Love or Lust to unlock all available events at this option.

Date: November 7, 2022

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